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Thank you for your interest in our work!  We know that both photography and cinematography are one of the most important elements of your wedding and we are honored that you have come to visit us. Because there are so many companies (and even couples) who do either photo or video, we are so excited to be able to bring a different element and option for our couples. We strive to be your "one stop shop" for both photography and cinematography! We accept (and thoroughly enjoy) weddings all over the country. 

about us

We wanted to showcase a little of both of our worlds and loves. We are the proud parents of two insanely adorable boys, a dog Mercy, and cat Graycie. We are also the proud parents of almost the entire line of Canon gear. #teamCanon

Years ago, Jeremy and I spoke about wanting to leave a mark on the world. We wanted a career that spoke to our souls and that could touch other people... as well as give us more time with our children! Little did we know that what we would fall in love with would actually be the same thing. 

With over 100 weddings under our belt, we can truly say that this is where we belong. I can't imagine doing anything else in this lifetime that would feed my soul more.



Owner, Lead Photographer, Photo Editor



Owner, Lead Videographer, Video Editor



Lead Videographer

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Lead Photographer



Lead Photographer


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