Sean + Lindsay Thomas


Clarklake, Michigan

Lindsay and I met in Dallas when I interviewed her for a job! She was my employee and quickly turned into one of my dearest friends. When she moved away to Michigan, I was less than thrilled. She was ready to make a change in her life, and boy did she! I started to see pictures of this handsome man named Sean all over her Facebook. She came down to visit and brought Sean with her. I have never approved of any guy she's ever dated but it was impossible not to love Sean. A few years later, she texted me a picture of a diamond ring on her finger and the rest was history.

I was absolutely ECSTATIC when Lindsay said she wanted Jeremy and I to capture her wedding in Michigan! We got there the day before the wedding and captured some darling speeches during their rehearsal dinner (lot's of tears). Isn't it awesome when you can have everyone you love not only come to your wedding but they can actually stay at the venue so you can spend the entire weekend together?! We had a blast roasting marshmallows, the guys shotgunned a few beers, and Jeremy and I excitedly planned out our shots for the next day.

 We spent the entire day with them as they primped for their wedding day as champagne (and shots!) were flowing. Everyone was just relaxed and having a great time preparing for the day. When it was time for the ceremony, I made sure to get a ton of shots of Sean as he watched his bride walk down the aisle. (If the rehearsal dinner told me anything, Sean was probably going to get a bit teary!) Everything went absolutely perfectly and they partied late into the night. 

Thank you Sean and Lindsay for allowing me to capture the best day of your life! (And also thank you for going along with my crazy photo ideas... but you gotta admit, they turned out great;) Love you both!

Brittany BayComment