Garrett + Kim Walker

March 19, 2016

Crosspines Ranch

I did not have the pleasure of meeting Garrett and Kimberly until the day of their wedding! The couple resides in Colorado but met in Dallas. Garrett and Kimberly were first friends, but when the timing was finally right, they went on their first date. One of the groomsmen told me that he received a phone call from Garrett the night after their first date and right away knew she was the one. 

The Walker's were married at Kimberly's aunt and uncles ranch in Mineola (That's East Texas for those who, like myself, had never heard of the tiny town). When we entered the gates to the property, my husband and I were taken aback at the INSANELY beautiful scenery. I didn't even know a place like this could exist in Texas! We were greeted at the horse stables and taken up to the ranch, all the while listening to my husband freak out about the amazing drone footage he was going to be able to get. Once at the ranch, I met not only the bride and groom, but all of their extremely sweet family members who really went above and beyond to help make sure it was the perfect wedding. (As well as help me move furniture to get the perfect shots:) 

I shot another wedding that the Maid of Honor was in, which is how Kimberly heard about me. I cannot say enough wonderful things about the Maid of Honor, Kathleen, and the other bridesmaids. They had me tearing up multiple times throughout the day. The way they prayed over Kim and her marriage, and their reaction to seeing her in her dress-- you could just feel the love pouring in. 

This was definitely one of my favorite weddings to date. The ceremony had gorgeous views and the band kept all the guests partying all night long. 

Congratulations to the sweet couple who I wish didn't live so far! We can't wait to be able to share the video with you as well!:)