Zachary + Brittany Willeford

Brittany and Zachary married on April 2, 2016 at the Venue at Waterstone in Celina, TX.

This, for us, will forever be the wedding where my husbands arm was almost taken off with our drone... but let's get back to the real story. The love story. 

Brittany and Zachary live in Austin where they are raising their adorable red headed baby girl. The morning of their wedding, I found the boys outside drinking beer and fishing, while the girls were inside getting ready. Soon after, Brittany had a very emotional first look with her dad before walking down the aisle...which was also filled with a lot of tears from both the bride and groom. The reception started with the most incredible spread of food (which I thought was just the decor) from Woody's Catering. Then a LOT of dancing. Like, A LOT. Which is amazing. I'm not sure I've ever had a bride and groom dance that much together, but it makes sense since the first time they met was at a bar dancing. I'm thrilled to share the Willeford's special day! Enjoy!