Matt + Abigail McAlister

Matt + Abigail
February 10, 2018
Rustic Grace Estates - Van Alystine, TX

Hair: Brooke Himes with Brooke Himes Hair Design
Makeup: Hannah Baylog with Vinyl Vanity
Planning: Jenna Fields with Pop Parties
Venue: Rustic Grace Estates
Catering: HD Liquid Catering
Floral: Holly VIles Designs

Drew + Megan

Drew + Megan
Austin, TX

This beautiful lady, Megan, is one of my favorite people in the world. We've been close friends for 10.5 years and I absolutely cannot imagine my life without her! We met in Austin both working at Chuy's together and bonded over our mutual dislike for our job. About 6 months after we met, I begged and convinced her to come to a party with me and guess who she ended up meeting?? THIS GUY. Drew is INCREDIBLE. Couldn't think of a better fit for her. (So you're welcome for being the reason y'all met;) Even when Megan moved to California for a few years and they dated long distance, they stuck together and their relationship became stronger than ever. 

I was so excited when Megan asked if I would do her engagements in Austin! My family loaded up the RV and we had a blast just walking around East 6th st and finding the oddest and coolest spots. (Is this Austin or what?) My son and husband even picked out some of the weird locations that ended up being some of my favorite. I can't wait to show them their whole album! These are just a few of my favorites:) But I mostly cannot wait for their wedding in NAPA in September!!! 
Congratulations to one of my favorite couples <3

Mark + Lauren

Mark + Lauren
The Quarry

Mark and Lauren's engagement was rather... hilarious. Let's start at the beginning. Lauren and Mark booked a flight all the way from New York to shoot with me! No pressure on capturing an incredible engagement session, right? While shooting, we found some adorable ducks and one asshole goose. Yup. I said it. 
It started as just some little hissing and he'd wander away. Then him and his gang kept coming back to haunt us the ENTIRE SHOOT. And then it happened. 
I got bit.
That jerk face bit me 3 times so hard I had a hardcore black and blue bruise for over a week.
But no worries, Lauren and Mark's session was 100% worth it. These are just my faves <3

Travis + Jamie Kemp

Travis + Jamie
November 18, 2017
The Lodge at Country Inn Cottages - Fredericksburg, TX

THIS WEDDING WAS UNBELIEVABLE! First of all, as you can tell from the photos... the wedding was stunning. I love that everyone had their own cabin right next to the venue. Destination weddings are the best! But what you can't tell from the photos is that it was the WINDIEST day of... well ever. Maybe. Sure felt like it. To add to that, the power went out in the entire city right as the reception was about to start. Thank goodness for our video lights that really lit up the room! But when you looked at the bride and groom, it was like they didn't notice a thing. I would have been having a panic attack... but everytime I looked at the couple, they were smiling and just enjoying all the people who came to show their love for them. They were a dream couple. Eventually the power came back on after around 2 hours, right in time for all the fun dancing. What seemed like it would have been a wedding ruiner really just made the day even more special. I absolutely loved this wedding.

Patrick + Liz Adams

Patrick + Liz
October 14, 2017
Mopac Event Center- Fort Worth, TX

Hair + Makeup: Angie Williams with AW Wedding Hair
Florals: Raquel Harris with R. Love Floral
DJ: Brian Ruth with Bliss Productions DFW
Planning: Chancey Charm Weddings

Jonathan + Katie Brinlee

Jonathan + Katie
October 8, 2018
Morgan Creek Barn - Milestone - Aubrey, TX

Make up and Hair: Simply Beautiful by Meg
Floral: Fleurs de France
Cake: The Butterfly Cake Factory