Luke + Nadia

Wanna see what an amazing portrait session looks like in only 30-ish minutes? When you have models this pretty, it's hard NOT to get a good photo;)

Fernando + Stephanie Salas

Fernando + Stephanie Salas
September 30, 2017
Noah's Fairview, TX


Stephanie and Fernando have been together since high school, getting married on their 12 year anniversary! Fernando is a MMA fighter and together they have an adorable little boy who they call X. Congratulations to this BEAUTIFUL couple!

Kevin + Vicky Pregnancy Announcement

Vicky (as many of you may know), is my extremely talented associate photographer and about 4 months ago, she found out that she was finally pregnant after trying for 2 years! We did a little shoot to announce their pregnancy and it may just be my favorite shoot of all time! Congratulations to my dear friends on their very exciting pregnancy!! 

Rocky + Ashley Brashears

July 22, 2017
Rock Creek Ranch, Mckinney, TX

Shot by two of  FANTASTIC associate shooters, edited by yours truly! I had SO much fun editing this wedding, I can't imagine how amazing it was just being a part of it! I kept getting texts all night about it being THE best dance party of all time. Thank you Vicky and Hannah for absolutely rocking out these shots and a HUGE congratulations to this gorgeous couple on this incredibly beautiful wedding!!

Connor + Kendall Proposal

Connor, his family, and I had been planning every detail of the proposal for days. Connor lives out of state and came to Dallas for his birthday. He told his girlfriend, Kendall, that he was going to play golf with his friends that morning. Kendall was a little disappointed because she wanted to spend his birthday weekend with him, but her friend Brittany made plans for the two of them instead. She told Kendall that she had a friend that was working on her photography portfolio and needed some models for her portfolio. Kendall really wasn't interested, but as best friends do, Brittany talked her into it. They walked up to the dock where the "photoshoot" was to take place and instead, she saw a beautiful display of their photos, with her boyfriend right beside it. I think it was pretty obvious that she knew what was about to happen... :)

Ricky + Paige Gray

I met Paige and Ricky when they (very briefly) were living in Dallas and looking for an engagement photographer. We had a blast during our shoot and decided they wanted me to shoot their wedding as well.... in New Hampshire! 

I could go on and on about how much I love this couple and wedding. They even went and scouted locations to do their first look and take INCREDIBLE formals...and gave me a whole hour to do just their portraits!! I absolutely LOVE their portraits. I don't think I've ever taken so many of a couple on their wedding day! I cannot wait to see them again in Maine next year at their friends wedding! Congratulations Paige and Ricky!!