Walter + Jesca Tembo

Jesca + Walter Tembo married on April 9, 2016 at The Springs in Denton. I have shot many, many weddings at The Springs, but when Jeremy and I walked inside this time… I wasn't quite sure where I was anymore! Jesca had completely changed the look of the entire room with beautiful pink uplighting, stunning flowers, and that BREATHTAKING display on the stage. She just happens to be an event planner so I shouldn’t have expected anything less. 

One of Jesca’s bridesmaids, Moleen from California, and I had been speaking and planning every last detail of the wedding (and bridal shower!) for a very long time. It was so rewarding to see it all come together and now to see how all the pictures came out makes me tear up a bit. The Tembo wedding had over 300 guests and MANY of them had come in from Zimbabwe and other places all over the world. This had to be the most spiritual, but fun wedding I had ever seen. Right from the beginning, when Jesca had a first look with her dad (cannot wait to share what he said in the video!), to walking her down the aisle- we were all in tears. I cannot wait to finish up the rest of this album as well as the video! Enjoy!